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Identification required but my paypal is fine?

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So I went to go and purchase legitcheats with PayPal (everything is verified but I don't have a bank added (since that's for savings) but it requests my ID. the issue is that I have no up to date student ID so it wouldn't match up if I held the ID to my face. I tried to use my mothers PayPal which had everything verified onto it but once again no bank added since it isn't very necessary and I still got asked for ID. If I use my own PayPal with credentials then there'd be a discrepancy on your end since my face wouldn't match up and if I try to get a photo of my mother with her ID or just her ID then I would be murdered since my mother wouldn't ever allow for me to do that. (there is no reasoning with her)
I am happy to pay from my own PayPal as it'd be easier than paying through my parents then paying them to compensate.
Is there a way to prove I am the son of my mother instead? Since I would be fine showing ID but my mother wouldn't.

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