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How to Buy BTC(Guide)

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For people that are seeking to buy BTC with DEBIT CARD (credit card is not allowed) using CASHAPP, an app that has similar features like paypal, to recieve and make payments through your phone, implemented their way to buy BTC with cashapp balance, and by linking your DEBIT card to it.


For people that want to buy with PAYPAL but do not care about paying extra (FEES) use PAXFUL


If you are familiarized OR want to do it through one of the biggest and most trustworthy vendors, use COINBASE but it will ask you for verifications and will possible take from some hours to some days to deliver you the BTC


If you wish to meet with people that sell BTC and buy directly from them with cash in hand or bank etc.


The fastest way to buy bitcoin is by COIN ATM ( you just insert the cash and wallet and you receive it instantly) Here is how to find local ATM's near you

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