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How to buy our product

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Payment Method


paypal_128_px.png - Buy with PayPal:

PayPal - the biggest online payment service provider in the world. 

Your PayPal payment will be completed instantly if you pay with card, PayPal funds, or PayPal credit. If you pay with echeck or German bank transfer it may take up to 3 business days for payment to clear.




Bitcoin_business_btc_exchange_money_cash_wallet_2-128.png - Buy with Bitcoin & Ethereum: 

Our LTC address - ltc1q6pm8e85fauxxcnmem7wslx0nkucgxy6584tvss

Our ETH address - 0x79f84eb4fdf53e28519858e9330b32287027286e

Our BTC address - bc1q7np5zrhc9rw9t5s0agxu6uxnud8tsvrf3zqf3z



credit-card.png - Buy with Gift Card:

To use this payment method, you must leave a request in the chat or write a ticket in support.

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