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Legit PUBG Cheat

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Since may 16, My account has never been banned. LEGIT-CHEATS are very secure.

Menu: (11/10) 
The (menu) is very costumer friendly and look nice.

ESP: (10/10) 
I had no Fps Drops or somthing like that,
the ESP is clean and look nice you can Change the Color and much more

Item ESP: (9/10) 
The item ESP has different Colors for different items you can also Change the Colors. and what i realy like is , you can see the Deathdrop and the airdrop items and distance 

AIMBOT: (10/10)
The aimbot has many Features to look more legit like curve , smooth , target select (Head, neck , chest and the best feature''kill with Body hit'') range Limit , aim time etc 
I hope to LC to be the best and most reliable cheat on the market.

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