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ARMAGEDDON is a premium CS:GO cheat which provides a ton of features.
Our cheats can be customized to behave in a very human like way making the impression that it is you a legit player.
Our team is developing the best private cheats for CS:GO leagues, especially for FaceIT and ESEA.We providing max security possible.Our CS:GO cheats have a total of 0 detections since  November 2017 when released.
We provide 24/7 support,to help you every step of the way.

Functions cheat


  • Aimbot - Automatically adjusts your scope
  • Configuration of the type of work - always or on the button
  • Hitchance - Chance to deal damage
  • Priority goal
  • pSilent aimbot
  • Ability to limit damage
  • Priority for the goal
  • Anti aimbot (twist)
  • Multipoint
  • Auto stop, auto osp, auto squat
  • Ability to configure the config for each weapon


  • Aimbot - Automatically adjusts your scope
  • Hitbox - Where exactly it will take (Head, Body ..)
  • Fov - Aimbota Finishing Radius
  • Smooth - How smoothly does Aimbot do
  • RCS - Control your kickback when shooting
  • Triggerbot - Automatic shot when the enemy hits your aim
  • Autopistol - Allows you to shoot a pistol with a clip, not clicks
  • Show cross recoil - The sight in the center of the screen, which when shooting shows where your bullets are flying

ESP / Wallhack

  • Box ESP - Draws squares around enemies
  • Glow - Highlights the contour of the enemy. It is displayed through the walls + changes color if you do not see the enemy
  • Head - Point on the opponent's head
  • Flash - Allows you to track whether the enemy is blinded or not.
  • Ammo - Displays the number of rounds in enemy weapons
  • Chams - Fill the texture of the enemy (3 types) + Changes its color if the enemy is behind the wall
  • Bone - Displays the skeleton on enemies + Changes its color if the enemy is behind the wall.
  • And much more...


  • Interface available in English
  • 3 type configs. 1 - config for all weapons. 2 - settings for each class of weapons (pistols, machine guns ...). 3 - setting each weapon
  • Ability to share your config with a friend
  • Fast switching between global configs
  • All configs are stored in the cloud on our server
  • Ability to use shortcuts to enable cheat options


  • Radar
  • Rank revealer - Displays wounds
  • Nade esp - Displays flying grenades
  • Bomb esp - Displays the installation location of the C4
  • Bomb damage - Displays damage from C4
  • NoFlash - You can not blind
  • Fov view - Changes your viewing angle in the game


  • Ability to choose any knife and skin for it
  • Ability to put any skin for all weapons
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngVAC 224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngVAC
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngMatchmaking 224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngMatchmaking
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngPopFlash 224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngPopFlash
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngSMAC 0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngSMAC
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngZenGaming 0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngZenGaming
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngKickBack 0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngKickBack
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngFACEIT Server Side 0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngFACEIT Server Side
224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.pngEasyAntiCheat 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngEasyAntiCheat
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngChallengeme.gg 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngChallengeme.gg
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngCEVO Celavimus 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngCEVO Celavimus
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngGFINITY 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngGFINITY
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngFACEIT Client 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngFACEIT Client
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngESEA 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngESEA
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngB5CSGO 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngB5CSGO
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.png5eWin 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.png5eWin
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngESL Wire 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngESL Wire
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngGamersClub 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngGamersClub
0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.pngEsportal Client 1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.pngEsportal Client
30 Days - 99USD 30 Days - 35USD
3 Months - 195USD 3 Months - 80USD
6 Months - 330USD 6 Months - 170USD
Last Update - 12/05/2020 Last Update - 12/02/2020

       buy.png                   buy.png

224ae4d88cd667ff0d4c38e378e8585efb0d4f36.png-Can be used,all functions Available   0723754e1af4b8d339966f39ba26bfa6b2ca268b.png-Can be used,supports AIMBOT | TRIGGERBOT | ESP   1396e2a23d194c59457ae2bb3925d8a4b06e92ca.png-Not supported

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