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CSGO at its best

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Hello peeps!

For those of you wondering if you should buy LEGIT-CHEATS CSGO considering the price - BUY IT!! It is hands down the best cheat available for playing legit. You can customise everything and in my opinion that is a great advantage. Even if you decide to semi-rage and end up getting reported and overwatched, as long as your FOV was around 0.7, nobody can convict you (trust me, i am an overwatch investigator myself). Obviously you need to aim just a little bit though...

Aimbot 10/10:

Watch replays and you can see that if you select Perfect Silent Aim with a 0.7 FOV, everything looks legit. The aimbot does not shake or give any indication that you are using something. With snipers, you might want to keep the FOV 0.5 to look super legit. You can choose the aimbot to fire at anything from the head to the balls  and it will not disappoint you.

Visuals 10/10:

ESP is perfect - i normally don't use chams but even those look great. We also have a skin changer which ACTUALLY WORKS!

Triggerbot 10/10:

You can customise it to suit your needs and it does not disappoint. If you struggle with making it work, it means you haven't set it up properly so ask the community and someone will help.

Ragebot 10/10:

Ah, I rarely use this one as i don't play Hvh but sometimes when faced with a hacker in a legit server, a man has to do what a man has to do. Select Autoaim, Head, 1Tap, Kill, and sit back and watch them cry 

Safety 1000/10:

FACEIT has not detected it in a few years now i think and its only because the coders work hard to ensure its secure after an update before releasing it to the users. If you don't play obvious and don't rage a lot, even overwatch won't be able to convict you.

Community + Support 10/10:

Super frendly and helpful, but also willing to put their foot up your ass if you cross a line.

I definitely recommend "LC".

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