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    is a premium CS:GO cheat which provides a ton of features. Our cheats can be customized to behave in a very human like way making the impression that it is you a legit player. Our team is developing the best private cheats for CS:GO leagues, especially for FaceIT and ESEA. We providing max security possible. Our CS:GO cheats have a total of 0 detections since November 2017 when released. We provide 24/7 support,to help you every step of the way. Functions cheat RAGE Aimbot - Automatically adjusts your scope Configuration of the type of work - always or on the button Hitchance - Chance to deal damage Priority goal pSilent aimbot Ability to limit damage Priority for the goal Anti aimbot (twist) Multipoint Auto stop, auto osp, auto squat Ability to configure the config for each weapon Legit Aimbot - Automatically adjusts your scope Hitbox - Where exactly it will take (Head, Body ..) Fov - Aimbota Finishing Radius Smooth - How smoothly does Aimbot do RCS - Control your kickback when shooting Triggerbot - Automatic shot when the enemy hits your aim Autopistol - Allows you to shoot a pistol with a clip, not clicks Show cross recoil - The sight in the center of the screen, which when shooting shows where your bullets are flying ESP / Wallhack Box ESP - Draws squares around enemies Glow - Highlights the contour of the enemy. It is displayed through the walls + changes color if you do not see the enemy Head - Point on the opponent's head Flash - Allows you to track whether the enemy is blinded or not. Ammo - Displays the number of rounds in enemy weapons Chams - Fill the texture of the enemy (3 types) + Changes its color if the enemy is behind the wall Bone - Displays the skeleton on enemies + Changes its color if the enemy is behind the wall. And much more... Settings Interface available in English 3 type configs. 1 - config for all weapons. 2 - settings for each class of weapons (pistols, machine guns ...). 3 - setting each weapon Ability to share your config with a friend Fast switching between global configs All configs are stored in the cloud on our server Ability to use shortcuts to enable cheat options